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Clondalkin Employment Initiative (CEI)


Clondalkin Employment Initiative (CEI) was established in 2007 and is the managing agent for the local Jobs Initiative programme. The programme is 100% funded by FAS.
The aim of CEI is to support full time Job Initiative employment and participation in local community organisations.

Currently there are 43 Job Initiative employees placed in 27 plus community organisations in the area. The type of projects supported, range from football clubs, community centres, educational services, childcare services, health and caring organisations.

The programme provides support to employees in relevant training and development programmes and initiatives, to further enhance their work roles while developing their knowledge and skills in preparation for work opportunities. They in turn, provide essential & relevant supports to their sponsors and to the services the organisations provide in the community.

In 2008 a community employment scheme was established under Clondalkin Employment Initiative. The aim of the scheme is to provide temporary employment, training and development experience, by providing opportunities to long-term unemployed people to engage in useful temporary work within their communities, and to assist them to re-enter the workforce, by breaking their experience of unemployment through a return to work routine.

Currently, there are 15 CE participants in placed in up to 10 organisations community organisations in the area. The type of projects supported, range from football clubs, community centres, community, educational, health, and environment services

For further information please contact


Monica Fields - Coordinator Clondalkin Employment Initiative

Monica Fields, Co-ordinator Clondalkin Employment Initiative

Email: mfields@cpln.ie 

Tara Kane - Assistant Coordinator Clondalkin Employment Initiative

Tara Kane, Assistant Co-ordinator Clondalkin Employment Initiative

Email: tkane@cpln.ie 

History of JI Programme and Clondalkin Employment Initiative

The Jobs Initiative is a programme providing full-time employment for people who are 35 years of age and over, unemployed for 5 years or more, and in receipt of social welfare payments over that period. FAS provides financial support to assist with the Jobs Initiative programme, such as employee wages.

In 2004 changes to the Jobs Initiative scheme introduced by the then Minister for Enterprise, Trade & Employment, secured existing Jobs Initiative participants permanent, full-time employee status.

The aim of the programme is to strengthen the capacity of the sponsor organisations and the services they provide in the community. The programme also aims at supporting employees in relevant training and development to further enhance the support that the JI employees provide to the community organisations.

Clondalkin Employment Initiative (CEI) has a Management Team made up of local Community organisations which oversee and monitor the administration of the CEI. The Management Team meets every six to eight weeks.

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