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Community Development

What we do

The Community Development Working Group oversees the implementation of the Community Development Strategy which involves a range of actions under the following headings:

  • Supporting and Developing Participation in Community Activities
  • Creating Opportunities for Local Groups to Engage in Community Arts
  • Addressing Health Inequalities and Inequity of Access to Health Services
  • Creating an Awareness of Equality and Human Rights Issues

Cecil Johnston, Community Development Coordinator

For more information please contact Cecil Johnston, Community Development Coordinator, email cjohnston@cpln.ie or phone 01 450 8748.

Carmen Paredes

Carmen Paredes, Community Development Project Worker, email cparedes@cpln.ie or phone 01 450 8748.

Ann Troy, Part-time Community Development Project Worker, email atroy@cpln.ie or phone 01 450 8748.

Useful Links

South Dublin County Sports Partnership: www.sdcsp.ie

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