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What We Do

Environment was identified as a priority for the Partnership back in year 2000. The Environment Working Group of the Partnership has responsibility for overseeing this priority. The membership is a combination of voluntary, local community and statuary organisations.


  1. Addressing Housing Needs

  2. Meeting the Transport Needs: The establishment of a Clondalkin wide transport group. Researching current and future transport demands and conducting a feasibility study on community transport.

  3. Inclusion in Planning and Decision making Processes: To develop the capacity of local Tenants/Residents Groups and Community Organisations to effectively participate in planning and decision-making processes.

  4. Community Environment: To facilitate the physical enhancement of the environment, educate, increase awareness and encourage local resident participation in the development of natural amenities such as the canal and promote and encourage recycling within households and Funding to community groups, schools etc to undertake art / environment projects.

Clondalkin Community Recycling Initiative

An initiative of the Environment Working Group of CPLN Area Partnership and Supported by South Dublin County Council and FAS under the Social Economy Programme, the business has been established to deal with the Recycling of "White Goods" such as washing machines, fridges/freezers, dryers, dish washers, cookers, and clothes dryers and is presently accepting appliances from householders and businesses in the Clondalkin area at its premises, located at 14/2 Crag Terrace Clondalkin Industrial Estate, Dublin 22. Phone 4578321 or 4577368.

Current Activities - now see the Canal video online

The Environment Working group focuses on strategies and actions that will improve the quality of life for local residents through environmental improvement programmes. The aim is to enable the local community to participate as much as possible in environmental improvement programmes. During 2008 more than 15 local groups, schools and Residents Associations were funded for environmental projects by the Partnership.

Supporting the Development of the Canal is a project aiming at spreading information about the canal area. The Canal Awareness Activities Programme is about engaging young people through the provision of exhibition on the history and heritage of the Grand Canal. The video "Our Grand Canal" is an important piece of the programme and you can download it below; it is divided into 4 parts:

Part 1 - Grand Canal Introduction

Part 2 - The History of the Canal

Part 3 - Improving the Canal(2 chapters, start from left)

Part 4 - The Future of the Canal

People with a particular interest in environment, or if you are an environmental group or residence association you are welcome to get in touch with the Environment working group to find out more about future activities.

The group has also produced an 'Educational Awareness Guide for the Grand Canal' that schools can use to inform students of the Grand Canal and its value as a local amenity. Download HERE...

Cecil Johnston, Community Development Coordinator

For more information please contact Cecil Johnston, Community Development Coordinator, email cjohnston@cpln.ie or phone 450 8748.

Carmen Paredes, Community Development Project Worker

Carmen Paredes, Community Development Project Worker, e-mail: cparedes@cpln.ie or phone 450 8748.

Useful Links

Clondalkin Community Recycling Initiative (CCRI): www.recycleit.ie

South Dublin County Council Environment Services: www.southdublin.ie

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