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CPLN Area Partnership Staff

Partnership Staff

Acting CEO
Larry O'Neill
E-mail: loneill@cpln.ie

Finance & Administration Manager 
Catherine Robinson 
E-mail: crobinson@cpln.ie

Accounts Administrator
Noel Fox  
E-mail: nfox@cpln.ie  

Accounts Administrator Assistant
Natalie Rogers
E-mail: nrogers@cpln.ie

Clare Dargan
E-mail: reception@cpln.ie

Economic & Development Co-ordinator
Patrica Hunt
Email: phunt@cpln.ie

Community Development Co-ordinator
Cecil Johnston
E-mail: cjohnston@cpln.ie

Community Development Project Worker
Carmen Paredes
E-mail: cparedes@cpln.ie

Education Access Officer
Miriam McNamee
E-mail: mmcnamee@cpln.ie

Business Liason & Performance Monitoring Officer
Maura Maughan
E-mail: mmaughan@cpln.ie

Equality Development Co-ordinator
David Lynch
E-mail: dlynch@cpln.ie

Equality Development Worker
Lucy Peprah
E-mail: lpeprah@cpln.ie

Early Childhood Development Co-ordinator
Susan Brockelsby
Email: s.brockelsby@cpln.ie

NEYAI Coordinator
Delia Goodman
Email: d.goodman@cpln.ie

NEYAI Coordinator
Ciara Monaghan
Email: cmonaghan@cpln.ie

NEYAI Quality Mentor
Lisa Kavanagh
Email: lkavanagh@cpln.ie

Fran Hanvey

Clondalkin Employment Initiative

Clondalkin Employment Initiative Supervisor
Monica Fields
E-mail: mfields@cpln.ie

Clondalkin Employment Initiative Assistant Supervisor
Tara Kane
E-mail: tkane@cpln.ie


Local Training Initiative Supervisor
Anne Ryan
E-mail: lti@cpln.ie

Local Training Initiative Assistant Supervisor/Administration
Noeleen Lynch
E-mail: NLynch@cpln.ie


Team Leaders 

Sean O'Fearghail
E-mail : SO'Fearghail@cpln.ie

Dylan Browne
E-mail : DBrowne@cpln.ie

Luke Collins
E-mail : LCollins@cpln.ie

Jennifer Doyle
E-mail : JDoyle@cpln.ie

The Health House

Acting Community Health Co-ordinator
Ann Troy 
E-mail : ATroy@cpln.ie

Healthy Food Made Easy Co-ordinator 
Liz Griffin
E-mail: lgriffin@cpln.ie

Address : 4 Neilstown Crescent, Clondalkin, Dublin 22.  

Intercultural Centre - Tower Road

Intercultural Centre Co-ordinator
Lyuba Moore,
E-mail: intercultural1@cpln.ie

Receptionist / Admin
E-mail: intercultural@cpln.ie

Address: 15 Tower Road, Dublin 22    Phone: 4577213

Balgaddy Child & Family Centre

Child & Family Centre Co-ordinator
Lorraine Doherty
Email: ldoherty@cpln.ie

Bawnoguge Womens Development Group

Development Worker
Patricia Mc Cann
E-mail : pmccann@cpln.ie 

Bawnogue Womens Community Development Co-odinator
Emily Smartt
E-mail : esmartt@cpln.ie 


Dolcain Community Development Co-ordinator 
Michelle Kearns 
E-mail : mkearns@cpln.ie

Rita O'Brien
E-mail : RObrien@cpln.ie

CPLN Area Local Employment Service

CPLN Area LES Manager
Ken Keenan
E-mail: kkeenan@cplnareales.ie   

LES Mediator Team Leader
John O'Sullivan
E-mail: josullivan@cplnareales.ie

LES Mediator
Mary Priou
E-mail: mpriou@cplnareales.ie  

LES Mediator
Patricia O'Reilly
E-mail: porielly@cplnareales.ie  

LES Mediator
Lorraine Archbold
E-mail: larchbold@cplnareales.ie  

LES Mediator
Sharon O'Suilleabhain
E-mail: sosuilleabhain@cplnareales.ie

LES Mediator
Linda Cooney
E-mail: lcooney@cplnareales.ie

LES Mediator
Selina Reddy
E-mail: sreddy@cplnareales.ie

Information Officer North Clondalkin
Catherine Devlin
E-mail: cdevlin@cplnareales.ie 

Information Officer Bawnogue
Marion Hickey
E-mail: mhickey@cplnareales.ie

Administrator North Clondalkin
Paula Mander
E-mail: pmander@cplnareales.ie

Administrator Bawnogue
Annette Graham
E-mail: agraham@cplnareales.ie  

LES Accounts Administrator
Alice Timothy
E-mail: atimothy@cplnareales.ie

LES Receptionist
Val Murray 
E-mail: vmurray@cplnareales.ie

Contact Details for LES Staff:

CPLN Area Local Employment Service (OBÀIR), Unit 3 Oakfield Industrial Estate, Clondalkin, Dublin 22

Ph: 014577308   Fax: 4577313   E-mail: les@cplnareales.ie

Oakfield Trust

Management / Admin
Marie Duffin
E-mail: oakfieldtrust@cpln.ie


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